2017 Annual Meeting Minutes

Meeting was called to order at 7pm on Tuesday November 14, 2017.

Quorum was established

Directors present:
George Bang
Casey Wilson
Cindy Scheman
Louis Eldridge
Phyllis Gladstone
Kevin McMahon

Greyson Katkaveck attended as Edgehill Farm Association’s Property manager

New Business

The minutes of the August 2017 business meeting were accepted as read.

Community update items were discussed:


2017 Operational budget

Repairs: Board discussed the pool and electrical repairs

Future Repairs: Refresh of the upstairs of clubhouse, lake dredging, and plastering of the pool were discussed.

Dues: $1 per month increase was approved, bringing monthly dues to $43 to help build reserves for above repair items.

Treasures Report: Treasurer summarized the 2018 budget. Questions arose around the Goosebusters dog service, pool keys expense and various expenses.

General Maintenance: Questions arose about the different sub-associations and who to contact for issues with the sub-associations maintenance and property lines. Homeowners and sub-association representatives were advised to make inquires with the Register of Deeds and the Town of Cary to obtain site maps of property lines and boundaries.

Elections: 4 board members were up for reelection, all 4 were unanimously reelected.

The floor was open to the property owners and the following topics were brought up.

Pool Hours:  Extending the operating hours of the pool to be either open 24 hours during season or from dawn to dusk instead of the current hours to increase pool usable hours. Additionally, the idea of opening the pool a few weeks early in the year and keeping it open a few weeks later in the year was discussed. The board stated the pool hours are in compliance with the Town of Cary and asked the homeowners to provide information about other properties that have 24 hour pool hours. Once provided the board stated it would review and consider modifying the pool hours appropriately.

Geese Abatement: The operational nature of the Goosebusters service was discussed.

Sidewalk Handrail: Update, discussions are ongoing about the Condo Association sharing the cost with the Edgehill Master Association. The Board is still discussing the handrail and the design. Pricing was brought up and the 2 proposals were delivered to the Property Management Company and forward to the Edgehill Farm President for review. Discussions are still on going.

Development: No development planned for the large grass area.

Winter Maintenance:  Each association is responsible for winter maintenance on their respective properties.

 Lake Maintenance: Covered by the Edgehill Farm Master Association.

 Clubhouse Lighting: Item is proposed to be fixed. Property Manager stated it would be addressed and fixed.

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 8pm

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