August 2016 Edgehill Farm Master Association Minutes



AUGUST 9, 2016

Board Members Present:

Kathy McDaniel

Kelly McCullen

Phyllis Gladstone

Louis Eldridge

George Bang

Sharon Gatt

Management Present:

Greyson Katkaveck

There was a quorum present and the meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM.

The current pool contract ends the day before Labor Day. Louis made the motion to extend the pool season one more week – end on September 11, 2016. Motion approved.

The board also approved opening the 2017 pool season the second Saturday in May.

There is an erosion area at the end of the lake and TSI gave quotes on 3 options but there is no guarantee that any of the options would solve the erosion issue. Louis made the motion and Phyllis seconded to do nothing at this time and to monitor the situation. Motion approved.

A homeowner asked that pet waste stations be put on Edgehill Parkway. The board would like to get more information from the requestor before proceeding.

There are 2 blue pool tiles that will be replaced at the end of the pool season. Greyson will check to be sure the pool lights are working properly.

The 2017 budget was discussed. The monthly dues will be held at $42. There is a 1% increase in the landscaping contract. The percentages for the budget are 28.6 for reserves, 1.4 for bad debt, and 70 for expenses. The management and insurance increases are not known at this time. Louis made the motion and Phyllis seconded to approve the budget as written. Motion approved.

There are several items that need to be considered for the clubhouse and pool area. George recommended that we have a building inspection done. The board agreed to an inspection with a report as long as it does not exceed $1200. The board also agreed to work on functional and aesthetic properties of the clubhouse instead of structural changes.

There is a log in the lake which Kelly will remove.

There is a question whether the PVC pipe at the end of the lake is clogged. There is a dead turtle in the drain. Phyllis made the motion and George seconded to have Foster Lake and Pond check the drain and pipe. Motion approved.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:00 PM. The next regularly scheduled meeting will be November 7, 2016 following the annual meeting in the clubhouse

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